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It's great to meet you!

If you need help from a reliable, switched-on freelancer then I'm your girl.


Before becoming freelance full-time, I worked across a variety of different and exciting industries.


From working in PR and marketing agencies to the Sheffield Children's Hospital, national charity Dimensions and Podcast Websites, these roles equipped me well and helped me to become the multi-skilled marketer that I am today (try saying that three times over!)


I also have a degree in Public Relations and Media from Sheffield Hallam University... Sheffield also being where I now call home. 


The beauty of working with a freelancer is that you can get high-quality marketing work for a fraction of the cost that PR/marketing agencies will charge you.


Ultimately, this means for money for you to invest elsewhere and more money for me to fund my raging coffee addiction. It' a win-win all round.


So without further ado, here's a list of all the things I can help you with:


Writing is my thing - it's what I love and am good at doing. It's how I used to finish a full day of writing at work to go home and start writing my own blog or blogs for my freelance clients. You can't get much more commitment than that! 


I've written copy for website overhauls, proposals, company blogs, CEO opinion pieces and more. I'm also a published journalist, having had multiple monthly columns in the past and published works in a variety of online and print publications.


I love a good challenge so whatever you need help writing, I'm in. Unless it's a microwave instruction manual in which case, in the words of Simon Cowell, it's a no from me. 

Social Media Management

Social media is so important for so many reasons, but when you're busy trying to run a business do you REALLY want to spend your time worrying about remembering to tweet? I'm guessing probably not. So let me take that added stress away from you.


I've managed social media accounts on behalf of every business I've ever worked for, so I'm well-rehearsed in creating engaging social media posts across a variety of different platforms. 

Press Releases & PR

The highlight of my PR experiences to date has to be accompanying and preparing my company's CEO for his first ever experience on television. But not just television, but BBC breakfast - not nerve-wracking at all!


Though national media coverage is hard to come by, local and regional coverage is not. And what frustrates me most is seeing businesses who have amazing, newsworthy things going on but they don't recognise that these are worthy of sharing with the press.


If you want to increase your business's exposure and influence, PR (and I!) can help you get there.  

Email Marketing 

There is nothing more valuable in this age of digital marketing than someone's email address. It's is digital gold dust, people!


People who have given you their email address are already interested in what you do. And although they may not be ready to buy from you yet, email marketing is what can turn those leads into customers. 


If you have an email list that you rarely market to or you don't even know where to start when it comes to capturing peoples' data, I can help. 

Website Updates & Maintainance

Picture this - you run an events company and it's 8pm on a Saturday. You're out with your friends, you've had a few drinks and you've just picked up an email that says an event you're running in collaboration with your local university needs to be rearranged due to faults with the electricity in that part of the building.


Who you gonna call? Not Ghost Busters silly, but whoever is in charge of updating your website. They can put an announcement out on your "upcoming events" webpage and social media accounts to let people know that the event is being rearranged. 


Stressful situation = in hand, so you can get back to the vino. Result. 

Blogger Outreach 

Just as you were starting to warm to me, I'm about to tell you that I too, am a blogger - but don't write me off as a spoilt millennial who doesn't want to pay for things just yet. 


I'm a blogger with an actual website, that hosts high-quality lifestyle articles that I've used to help me get jobs, clients and life-changing experiences. I've turned it into a profitable side-venture and worked with brands such as Luxury Retreats, Boohoo and Simply Be.


And with this comes experience - I know how to find the best influencers for your business AND how to establish a positive, ongoing and mutually beneficial relationship between the two of you. Sounds simple, right? Trust me when I say that it's not!


design work and animation


If you have documents or social media graphics that you need creating and branding, I can design these for you.


Similarly, if you've always fancied seeing your team in animation form I can help make those dreams a reality, too.


Animations are a fantastic, engaging way to communicate with your audience in a format they're not familiar with seeing every day.


Planning and Executing Events


From once helping to plan a festival to multiple blogger/press night events, I would love to help you plan yours.


Events can be instrumental in creating a buzz around your business amongst all the right people. From sourcing venues to managing budgets, I've got you covered. Let's start work on planning yours. 

Training and Speaking at Events

I'm one of those strange people who absolutely LOVE delivering training and speaking at events. 


The last conference I spoke at was MarketEd.Live, the brilliant marketing conference held in Nottingham.


Whether your team need a refresher on any of the topics above or you'd like me to speak at your event, I'd truly love to hear from you!

... Ready to get started?

Simply email me at hello@hannahmccreesh.com or head to the Contact page.